Jabiru History

Jabiru History

In early 1988, Rodney Stiff and Phil Ainsworth of Australia formed Jabiru to develop a highly efficient, light aircraft of composite construction. After four years, the Jabiru LSA 55/2K model aircraft was type-certificated by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority under an Australian standard (CAO 101.55) similar to the later introduced USA/FAA Primary Category. The type certificate was awarded on October 1, 1991. 

Rod and Phil decided that here was a significant opportunity to develop lightweight aircraft engines in the 30-120 hp range. The first step was to develop a 60 hp engine to power their new Jabiru aircraft. In an intensive research and development program, the Jabiru 1600 cc engine was developed over a period of 18 months. In March of 1993, this new engine was approved by Australian CAA for installation in Jabiru aircraft.

Jabiru Aircraft Pty. Ltd. Of Bundaberg, Australia now manufactures several 2- and 4-seat aircraft as well as 85 hp, 120 hp and 170 hp engines.  

To learn more about the company and products go to:   http://www.jabiru.net.au

Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, LLC imports the Jabiru airframes and engines.  Using those components and other components developed “in house,” Jabiru USA manufactures three models of sleek, rugged and functional ASTM compliant Special Light Sport Aircraft in Shelbyville, TN, USA.  To an individual seeking ownership of an S-LSA, this means that Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft offers sales, engineering and technical support, and a full inventory of replacement parts right here in the USA. 

To learn more about Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, LLC, products, pricing and services, go to:  http://www.usjabiru.com

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