Jabiru Engines and Fire Wall Forward Kits

To read about a Jabiru engine installation in a Kitfox IV, click here.

If you need to purchase a power plant for your Experimental Amateur Built project, or if you want to replace the existing engine in your Experimental airplane, we offer Jabiru Engines and installation components that are durable, light-weight, reliable and economical.

Jabiru Engines are designed from the ground up as aircraft engines. They are horizontally opposed 4- and 6-cylinder, direct-drive, air-cooled engines that can be used in the “tractor” or “pusher” configuration. The 4-cylinder 2200 cc aircraft engine produces 85 hp and weighs only 132 lbs (60kg). The 6-cylinder 3300 cc aircraft engine produces 120 hp and weighs 178 lbs (81kg). These weights are the complete engine including the stainless steel exhaust system.

Jabiru Engines have dual redundant, solid state, self-energizing ignition systems and a single pressure compensation carburetor. The direct-drive, air-cooled features of Jabiru Engines simplify the design and the normal operating range is from 2750 to 2950 RPM.

Many of the components of Jabiru Engines are readily available, relatively inexpensive, “off the shelf” parts. The recommended time for top overhaul is 1000 hours with major overhaul at 2000 hours. The engines are simplistic and easy to work on, resulting in overhaul costs that are much less than other similar engines.

We can help you choose the right engine and associated components for your particular Experimental Aircraft. We offer “Fire Wall Forward” Kits for the following popular Experimental Aircraft: Zenith CH601, Zenith CH701, Zenith CH750, Kitfox, Rans S-7S, Rans S-19, and Van’s RV-12.

Jabiru Engine Features: 4-Cylinder 2200 cc & 6-Cylinder 3300 cc

  • Fully Machined Alloy Crankcase
  • Horizontally Opposed Cylinders
  • 1 Central Camshaft
  • Over Head Valves (OHV)
  • Hydraulic Lifters
  • Ram Air Cooled
  • Wet Sump Lubrication
  • Direct Propeller Drive
  • Dual Transistorized Magneto Ignition
  • Integrated AC Generator
  • Electric Starter
  • Mechanical Fuel Pump
  • Naturally Aspirated – 1 Pressure Compensating Carburetor
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes and Muffler

For details and prices on our engines, call us at Jabiru Power Solutions at (518) 929-4307We will assist you with your purchase and offer advice during your installation and operation. We look forward to working with you.

To read about a Jabiru engine installation in a Kitfox IV, click here.

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