Jabiru J170-SP

Jabiru J170-SP

Do you remember your first time at the controls of an airplane? How about the check ride that earned your ticket or the first airplane you owned? There is a good chance that first airplane was the make and model that you first soloed in or took your check ride in. It’s the comfort of familiarity that many new pilots look for in their first airplane. The Jabiru J170-SP is that kind of airplane.

The Jabiru J170-SP is a premier, turn-key Light Sport Aircraft that features the latest light aircraft technology and has the reputation of being docile and predictable – an easy airplane to fly. It is a stable cross-country aircraft with great crosswind capability. The Jabiru J170-SP is efficient and dependable to operate, plus it’s stylish and attractive so it stands out.

The Jabiru J170-SP uses the 4-cylinder, 85-HP Jabiru engine which sips fuel at no more than 4 GPH. It utilizes a high aspect ratio, more efficient wing for improved handling and visibility. All systems are kept simple in design and uncomplicated in manufacture. Components are chosen for their demonstrated reliability, then thoroughly aircraft tested. Yearly operational and long term costs are a fraction compared to other aircraft with similar performance. Proprietary Jabiru parts are readily available here in the U.S. compared to most other LSA aircraft.

Today’s Flight Schools, particularly those interested in training with Light Sport Aircraft will benefit greatly by choosing a Jabiru J170-SP (S-LSA) for primary training. This plane is the modern version of the venerable Cessna 150. The Jabiru J170-SP uses the same landing gear as the Jabiru J430 four-place plane with a gross weight of 1540 lbs. Yet, the airframe is lighter and the gross weight is 1320 lbs. So that tells you right away that this aircraft will handle the rigors of flight training.

For individuals who want all the benefits of this rugged, comfortable, great looking airplane, the Jabiru J170 is available as an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA). In kit form, it can be built as an Experimental Amateur Built (EAB). So whether you choose an S-LSA, E-LSA or EAB, this plane can be built to your specifications, and will give great performance for the investment and cost of operation.

JABIRU J170-SP Features

  • Designed to ASTM 2245-07 and Australian CASA Airworthiness Standards
  • Cruises at 100 knots TAS at 4 gal/hr
  • Range (nil reserve) — 850 nautical miles
  • 4 stroke, four-cylinder JABIRU 2200 engine designed for the Jabiru aircraft
  • Gentle and predictable stall characteristics, with light and responsive controls
  • Stall speed without flaps at gross weight: 45 KCAS
  • Fully enclosed, ergonomically-designed cabin
  • Excellent visibility
  • Side-by-side fixed seating with center controls and panel mounted throttles
  • Robust tricycle undercarriage with steerable nosewheel
  • Hand-operated hydraulic disc brakes
  • All-composite construction for light weight and exceptional strength
  • Wing and power loadings for high performance and exceptional handling
  • Excellent crosswind handling performance – 15 knots
  • Carburetor heat and dual magneto ignition
  • Pressure compensating carburetor – no mixture control
  • Auxiliary electric fuel pump for ease of starting and added redundancy
  • Optional adjustable rudder pedals paired with custom seat cushions
  • Pulsar EXP Wingtip Nav/Strobe Package
  • LED landing/taxi Lights with blinkers
  • Cloth interior package – specify gray or tan
  • Roomy cabin provides ample hip, shoulder, head and leg room

Jabiru J170-SP Base Price: $114,900 (Includes ALL of the following)

  • Grand Rapids Sport SX 6.4” Primary Flight Display EFIS with built-in GPS
  • Grand Rapids EIS 6000J Engine Information System
  • Garmin SL40 Com Radio
  • Garmin GTX327 Mode C Transponder
  • PM1000II Intercom
  • Analog Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Card Compass, and Inclinometer
  • Kannad 406 MHz ELT
  • 12V auxiliary power plug and MP3 music input jack
  • LED Nav/Strobes and dual wing-mounted landing/recognition lights
  • Classic Stripes paint scheme with your choice of trim color
  • Sensenich fixed-pitch wood propeller with polished aluminum spinner
  • Fully-upholstered cloth interior
  • Y-stick and dual throttles for comfortable dual flight instruction
  • Rugged landing gear, same as 1540 lb, CASA-certified, four-place Jabiru J430
  • Ready to instruct SPORT PILOT students at the base price. Add Garmin SL30 Nav/Com for full PRIVATE PILOT instruction capability including VOR, Localizer, and Glideslope.

Let’s get started on building your one-of-a-kind, Jabiru J170-SP Aircraft. Call us at Jabiru Power Solutions at (518) 929-4307. We look forward to working with you.

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