Jabiru J230-SP

Jabiru J230-SP

Are you considering the purchase of a Light Sport Aircraft? The Jabiru J230-SP is one of the most efficient personal aircraft on the market. There is no need for your LSA to be a “cookie cutter clone.” Whether you want your aircraft to really stand out on the flight line of your flight school or for it to be personalized just for you and your flying needs, Jabiru Power Solutions, LLC can make that happen. You will not need to look at the “N” number of the aircraft on the ramp to know which one is yours because it will proudly stand out.

The Jabiru J230-SP is a premier, turn-key Light Sport Aircraft that features the latest light aircraft technology and full factory support right here in the United States. The Jabiru J230-SP incorporates the 120-horsepower Jabiru engine, and utilizes a high aspect ratio, more efficient wing for improved handling and visibility. It is a stable, robust cross-country cruiser with great crosswind capability. Our factory in Tennessee takes basic components that come from Australia, in addition to U.S. made components to manufacture a customer-specified aircraft built with pride. Because our aircraft are manufactured in the U.S., factory support, parts and technical assistance are not an overseas adventure. The factory has its own painting facility so we offer a variety of paint schemes and you choose the colors!

The instrument panels are assembled and wired in our factory so we are able to offer a wide range of avionics and options to suit your needs and budget. The aircraft has a roomy, comfortable interior with a large baggage capacity. The interiors are custom made in vinyl, cloth or leather so your aircraft can be as unique and personalized as you like. Or, in the case of a flight school, your aircraft will be functional, practical and rugged enough to handle the rigors of flight training.

Jabiru Power Solutions, LLC , not only offers sales support but we can service your aircraft and perform the necessary inspections.

JABIRU J230-SP Features

  • Designed to ASTM 2245-07 and Australian CASA Airworthiness Standards
  • Cruises at 120 knots TAS at 5.5 gal/hr
  • Range (nil reserve) — 800 nautical miles
  • 4 stroke, six-cylinder JABIRU 3300 engine designed specifically for the Jabiru aircraft
  • Gentle and predictable stall characteristics, with light and responsive controls
  • Stall speed without flaps at gross weight: 45 KCAS
  • Fully enclosed, ergonomically -designed cabin with 3 doors that provide ease of entry for baggage stowage
  • Excellent visibility
  • Side-by-side fixed seating with center controls and panel mounted throttles for comfort and simplicity
  • Robust tricycle undercarriage with steerable nosewheel and hand-operated hydraulic disc brakes
  • All-composite construction for light weight and exceptional strength
  • Wing and power loadings provide high performance and exceptional handling, particularly in turbulence
  • Excellent crosswind handling performance – 15 knots
  • Carburetor heat and dual magneto ignition
  • Pressure compensating carburetor – no mixture control
  • Auxiliary electric fuel pump for ease of starting and added redundancy
  • Optional adjustable rudder pedals paired with custom seat cushions accommodate a large range of pilot sizes

Jabiru J230-SP Base Price: $129,900 (Includes ALL of the following)

  • Single 8.4″ Grand Rapids Electronic Flight Display with Synthetic Vision, GPS, full engine instrumentation suite, Garmin radio & Mode C transponder, intercom, analog backup airspeed indicator & vertical compass, 12V power supply, MP3 music input jack
  • Kannad 406 MHz ELT
  • LED nav/strobe and landing/recognition light package
  • Sensenich fixed-pitch wood propeller with polished aluminum spinner
  • Electric flaps with flap switch on each side of instrument panel for dual instruction
  • Matco wheels & brakes featuring 500 x 5 aircraft tires
  • Wheel pants
  • Fully-upholstered cockpit and cabin area with cloth seats
  • Cabin heat
  • 35-gallon integral wing fuel tanks

When you order your new aircraft from Jabiru Power Solutions, LLC, you will be able to select from three beautiful, contemporary paint scheme designs shown below.

Let’s get started on building your one-of-a-kind, Jabiru J230-SP Aircraft. Call us at Jabiru Power Solutions at (518) 929-4307. We look forward to working with you.

“Classic Stripes” Paint Scheme

“Thunderbird” Paint Scheme

“Tennessee Wave” Paint Scheme

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