Lightning LS-1


Are you looking for a two place Light Sport Aircraft that is safe, strong, inexpensive to operate, has outstanding “sports car like” performance and is the best value in its class?….. and, oh yea…. is SEXY too!

Are you exploring all your Light Sport Aircraft options? You may want a “Turn Key” Light Sport, or you may want to build a plane that meets the Light Sport category, or you just may want to build a sexy, “go fast” airplane of your dreams to your exacting specifications.

Seems like a tall order, but there is ONE aircraft that will meet your requirements!  It’s the sleek Arion Lightning LS-1 or Arion Lightning EAB, a U.S. designed Light Sport Aircraft with a powerful Australian Jabiru 3300, 120 hp aircraft engine.

Jabiru Power Solutions, LLC can arrange for the manufacture of a Lightning LS-1 “Turn Key” customer-specified, Special Light Sport or Experimental Light Sport Aircraft or supply a complete kit. We offer sales support and can perform all the necessary inspection and services to keep your aircraft in top condition for countless hours of pure enjoyment!

Your Lightning LS-1 will be built with pride in Shelbyville Tennessee. The interiors are custom made in vinyl or leather. The instrument panels are assembled and wired in our factory so we are able to offer a variety of avionics. Our factory has its own painting facility and offers a variety of design schemes and trim colors of your choosing to personalize your plane to be the beautiful aircraft of your dreams.

Add all this up and it’s easy to see how your aircraft can be as unique and personalized as you like. Get used to having folks converge on you and your plane whenever you taxi to any ramp. The sleek, sexy lines will turn the heads of the “Jet Drivers” just as quickly as the folks that simply enjoy those calm evenings in a J3 Cub.

Lightning LS-1 Design & Construction

The Lightning LS-1 is designed to be tough and strong while maintaining stable and responsive flight characteristics. The aircraft is constructed entirely of aircraft grade components under strict quality control guidelines. Components are produced using aviation epoxies through internationally accepted quality control programs. The Lighting LS-1 is designed and built around Jabiru’s powerful 3300 aircraft engine. With a displacement of over 200 cubic inches and a direct drive crank shaft, this little beauty has over 120 hp on tap for performance unmatched in a Light Sport Aircraft.

Lightning LS-1 Performance

The LS-1 stalls below 44 kts clean, giving this aircraft an impressive 50 kt approach speed for its class. Solo climb is in excess of 1500 fpm while you can expect 1200 fpm at 1320 lbs. Cruise speeds and fuel burns fall in the 120 kts range at under 5 gph respectively. These are real performance numbers a pilot can rely on, not on a perfect day at sea level or flying around solo but all loaded up! A payload of up to 500 lbs is available, and if equipped with 30 gallons can take you over 660 nm with VFR reserves. When equipped with standard tanks you can still reach out and touch some place 500 nm away with VFR reserves.

Lightning LS-1 Features

  • Designed to ASTM 2245-07
  • Maximum cruise speed 120 knots TAS at 5 gph
  • Range (nil reserve) – 600 nautical miles
  • 4 stroke, six-cylinder JABIRU 3300 engine
  • Stalls below 44 kts clean, with light and responsive controls
  • Stall speed full flaps 38 kts at gross weight: 1320 lbs
  • Fully enclosed, ergonomically designed cabin with canopy
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Side-by-side fixed seating with dual controls and panel mounted throttle
  • Rudder pedals with a wide range of adjustment
  • Robust tricycle undercarriage with steerable nosewheel and hydraulic disc toe brakes
  • All-composite construction for light weight and exceptional strength (tested to + and – 9g)
  • Wing and power loadings provide high performance and exceptional handling
  • Excellent crosswind handling performance – 15 kts
  • Carburetor heat and dual magneto ignition
  • Pressure compensating carburetor – no mixture control
  • Auxiliary electric fuel pump for ease of starting and added redundancy
  • Cabin heating and ventilation systems

Lightning LS-1 Base Price: $ 119,900  (Includes ALL of the following)

  • GRT Single Screen 8.4” Sport SX EFIS w/Synthetic Vision
  • GRT EIS 6000J Engine Monitor
  • Garmin SL-40 Com Radio
  • Garmin GTX-327 Mode C Transponder
  • PM1000II Intercom
  • 406 MHz ELT
  • 2-1/4” Airspeed indicator
  • Magnetic Compass
  • 12v Power port
  • Dual brakes
  • Cabin heat
  • LED Nav/Strobes and dual wing-mounted landing/recognition lights
  • Electric flaps
  • Electric elevator trim
  • Vinyl interior with carpeted baggage area
  • Sensenich fixed-pitch wood propeller with polished aluminum spinner
  • Left entry step
  • 30 gallon fuel tanks

Let’s get started on building your personalized Lightning LS-1. Call us at Jabiru Power Solutions at (518) 929-4307. We look forward to working with you. 

When you order your new aircraft from Jabiru Power Solutions, LLC, you will be able to select your own personal paint scheme. The sleek lines of the Lightning LS-1 are enhanced by five standard paint schemes. Below are examples of two of them.

Paint Scheme #2                                               Paint Scheme #5

Any of the standard schemes can be selected, but many of our customers have created their own paint schemes to personalize their aircraft.  Below are photos that our customers have proudly submitted to show their unique, one-of-a-kind Lightning LS-1 Light Sport Aircraft.

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